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LOOK-IT wireless rear vision system can save lives, prevent injuries and prevent damage to your vehicle.

The perfect
parking experience

Parallel parking is a snap with the smart predictive backup lines showing the detines path.

No wiring,
No holes to drill

The LOOK-IT wireless rear vision system can be set up quickly with NO complicated wiring and NO holes to drill in your vehicle.

save tomorrow
think safety today.

Transport Canada recently announced that back up (rear) cameras will mandatory for all new passenger cars and small trucks by may 2018. Three-wheelers, small vans and busses will also be required to have back cameras. This change will align Canada with similarly announced in the U.S to be mandate in 2018.

Back up cameras have been proven to be very effective at helping drivers avoid hitting objects, especially people, while driving in reverse. In a 2014 study by the insurance institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), backup cameras reduced the build zone, on average, by approximately 90 per cent. This technology is particular useful when young children and other people are in a driveway, on the sidewalk or anywhere behind a vehicle and not readily visible to the driver. Back up cameras are even more effective than parking sensors, which tend to be poor at discerning people.

Young children are killed every year in parking lots and in the driveways of their own homes. Young children, elderly individuals and disable persons are particularly vulnerable and more likely to be seriously injured or killed in backup accidents. Transport Canada has estimated that 27 people were killed and another 1,500 were injured in a five-year period, from such collisions.

Many vehicles have large blind zones which prevent a driver from seeing people or objects behind their rear bumper, especially smaller people or objects. the 2014 IIHS study found that in general, the larger the passenger vehicle, the poorer the visibility. Pickup trucks and SUV's generally have the largest blind zones and are involved in the most accidents involving backing over or into a person.

The perfect

LOOK-IT™ wireless back-up camera provides users with a do-it-yourself, all-in-one back-up camera and monitor solution. LOOK-IT™ takes back-up camera technology to the next level by combining wireless smartphone technology with a high-tech camera, that anyone can install. The LOOK-IT™ device can instantly turn any iPhone or Android device into a backup camera that connects wirelessly. With safety and convenience in mind, LOOK-IT™ will help prevent injuries and prevent damage to your vehicle, improve back-up safety, reduce blind spots and assist in changing the way drivers park their vehicles.

Smart technology connected wirelessly to your smartphone

Using an app, LOOK-IT™ connects wirelessly to a smartphone and turns an iPhone or Android device into the display, allowing drivers to view the footage directly on their smartphone.

One touch of the QuickView wireless remote automatically launches smartphone app and enables the camera

To activate the system, the user presses a button on the QuickVieTM w patent-pending remote mounted on the steering wheel or dashboard and instantly unlocks and opens the app displaying the image. Allowing the user to focus and keep their eyes on the road ahead, the QuickView remote comes with two auxiliary buttons that

Simply touch the QuickViewTM patent pending remote and it will instantly show the rear vision camera and additional smartphone applications.

Attach the QuickViewTM remote to your steering wheel or dashboard to safely and conveniently access your LOOK-ITTM backup camera.

Easy do-it-yourself installation, requires no hardwiring

Most aftermarket backup cameras are more complicated to install. The LOOK-IT™ wireless backup camera system can be set up quickly with NO complicated wiring and NO holes to drill in the vehicle. Since the camera communicates with the smartphone over a wireless connection, there's no need to connect wires to the vehicle.

The LOOK-IT rear
vision camera can be
configured to switch
on automatically
when the vehicle is
placed in reverse.

Additional specifications:

  • Smart grid line calibration
  • Automatic activation when in reverse*
  • Integrated anti-theft features make LOOK-ITTM useless to thieves
  • Adjustable swivel camera up to 45 degrees to suit different vehicle sizes
  • Horizontal viewing angle of 100 degrees
  • Image resolution: VGA 600 x 480
  • IP67 certified 1-piece waterproof molded design
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Includes a universal magnetic vent mount smartphone holder

Engineering qualities:

LOOK-IT wireless backup camera system is a one piece rugged and waterproof molded design and is engineered to hold up under rigorous operating conditions. The internal control module is completely enclosed and the backup camera license plate holder is water, dust-proof and IP67 certified. LOOK-IT wireless backup camera system includes a replaceable battery pack, which is designed to be maintenance-free for up to 4 years under normal operating conditions.

Requires a custom installation. See the owner guide for more details.

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