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Dynamat ProX

Dynamat ProX Contains 4 sheets 18"x18" Each - 9 Sq.Ft. Total (0.84 Sq.Meters)

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Dynamat ProX Professional Series

- Heavier 120 mil Butyl CORE (1lb per SQ.Ft.)
- Thicker 5 mil ALUMINUM LAYER
- Ultimate Noise & Vibration Control
- USA Made WITH Dynamat Quality
- Reduces Heat Transfer
- Moisture Resistant
- Super Sticky Self-Adhesive

With the same proprietary butyl formula as our flagship Dynamat® Xtreme® damping material, the all new Dynamat® ProX™ is twice as heavy, with an even thicker 5mil aluminum top layer. Independent, third party testing has shown it out performing all competition in multiple benchmarks. Problem noise? Dynamat® ProX™.
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